Our Farm

Our farm is like something out of a fairy tale, nestled right at the base of the awe-inspiring mountain where the grand Marvão fortress keeps watch over the vast Alentejo plains. This place is a haven for nature lovers: here, we cultivate our veggies using permaculture principles, breathe new life into ancient buildings and ruins, and craft a space where we can revel in our uniqueness and celebrate diversity in the most natural surroundings.

The heart of our farm is the main house, which is not just our home but also a space we open up to volunteers and interns from all corners of the globe. They come to learn from our way of life and share in our journey. Here, we’re all about community, growth, and understanding, and we’re excited to welcome you to this tapestry of diversity, a place where joy, respect, wonder, and delight converge

Our farm is also where you’ll find The Quinta Project, our ecoqueer community initiative. If you want to dive deeper into what we’re up to, hop over to our project website for all the details.