Our Vineyard

The Vineyard

Let’s introduce you to Quinta das Naves, our stunning vineyard near Porto da Espada. We became the proud caretakers of this 3ha land in 2023, and we’re now transitioning to ecological grape growing, regenerating the land and using permaculture principles to redesign the space. But it’s not just about the vines!

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Our vineyard is also home to huge, ancient chestnut trees, grand oak trees, and varied fruit trees. It’s a special place where community comes alive. After a day of tending to the vines, picture this: you kick back in the cool shade of our majestic oak trees, enjoy local, home-cooked food and great wine, and take in the breathtaking views of the Serra de Sao Mamede and the Serra Fria cliffs. These cliffs are a natural border separating Spain and Portugal, a border we love to transverse. That’s what our vineyard life is all about. Join us in this oasis of nature, community and real wines!

Out in our vineyard, we’re crafting wines that break free from the usual rules and expectations. Our wines are little rebels in the best way – they’re all about low intervention, natural winemaking. They’re a bit experimental, and we like to think of them as wonderfully unconventional. What do you think? Shall we have a glass?